full court press

Daily Nugget #200!

full court press


how often do you practice it?

putting on the pressure.


our ‘stuff ‘

puts the pressure on us all of the freaking time.

why not press back?

press first.


i don’t play basketball

<which is funny cause i was always the tallest gal in my class>

but i’ve always loved the strategy of:

Full Court Press.


from the get go.


we feel it all of the time.

the pressure

to be who we are

in a world that tells us not to.

to be wherever we need to be

when time laughs and beats us there.

the pressure to find the balance in our lives

between: work. relationships. self.


time throws out the Full Court Press


or not <ha!>

depending on whether or not you are a time bender.

<ps. i’m teaching Time Bending 101! it starts March 1st. for those of you who have a sucky relationship to time>


so why not BE the Press-er?

put on the Pressure in the other direction.

we are SO pressed from what seems like outside forces

why not BE the Press-er?

let’s freaking challenge the current Press-ers


show them/it what we’ve really got.


it’s time to reclaim our lives.

re-claim our TIME.

so that we can BE the Self we truly Are.


Full Court Press.

BE the Press-er.

press IN. Lean In.

question everything.

nothing has to be the way that it is.

it only IS because we believe it to be so.


when your ‘issues’ have the ball

ready to make an Inbound Pass

to keep you from stepping IN to your truth

Block That Shit.

take back the ball that is Yours.

claim your self. your thoughts. your time.


Be willing to Lean IN.

Change happens when you Allow it.

heck, Invite it!!

see what might Activate in the depths of who you really are when you do.

press that shit.

press that shit.






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