from The Winged Ones….

—- this ‘new’ version of me, my blog and beyond has been quite surprising.

every day.


as i commit to writing each week (mostly)

on the animal-themed topic

i open to what the animals would like to say TO us THRU me 🙂


and so we begin~

From The Winged Ones….


hello dear Humans

we see you from above

(and sometimes we poop on you. haha)


we have noticed some things happening.

there is churning in the space around you

things are DIScharging



sometimes opening.


from our perspective

this is a good thing.


we see the truth

we see what’s real


many of you have been living in the UN-

the world of illusion and denial


lying to self-

we quite simply could not understand.


this. now.

what we are seeing

it’s as if

someone has cleaned some windows.


of course that means we will smash in to them more often -haha

(good to see they have a sense of humor. i’m laughing as they dictate)


someone has cleaned some windows


what you are NOW seeing

(as Dee would say)

is freaking you the FUCK out.


where do you go from here, dear Humans?

you simply go.

and not in a DOING kind of GOing

but a BEing kind of GOing.


this means

go forth

in the direction that has heart and meaning


no matter what.


we surely don’t mind smashing our beaks (& heads) a few more times

if that means YOU

have cleaned YOUR windows.


when in doubt

fly above

you will then see

the truth.



The Wing-ed Ones 🙂


see from above…



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