from the Mother


we have reached a new point in our time together.

many believe i can simply ‘flick you off my back’

but that is not my desire.


we share my body

this relationship

i volunteered for.


i knew the path would have challenges

i knew my body would be harmed

but in the harming of ME

you are harming YOU.


there will come a time when you will know this.



with many powerful forces

inner and outer

you must turn your head in a new direction

maybe for the first time

to see

what needs to be seen


what needs to be felt.


when the realization of true oneness

washes over and thru you

your vision will change

your heart will open

and i

dear humans

will heal—because YOU are healing.


we share my body

therefore we share life.

we cannot separate the two.


feel me

for a moment.

notice how you feel.


my intention is never to harm you.

if i harm you

i harm myself.


i see our connection

i know we share life

whatever happens

know that

i love you.

i would not be here if i did not.


be willing to break open

be willing to see

be willing to feel

in that

we ALL will be free.



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