from Dragon to Butterfly…..

Daily Nugget #158

from Dragon to Butterfly……


do you know what your spirit animal is?

do you have one?

is there a BEing that you so strongly resonate with

that you feel its love and support with you always?


its strength?


is this an wild animal?

or a loved one who has crossed?


a winged one?

a four legged?


a water BEing?


does everyone have an animal spirit?

yo no se.

can you call one in?

you bet!


how do you feel about animals in general?

do you feel better when they are around?


are you indifferent?

do they bring JOY to your experience


are you annoyed by them?


do you eat them?

do you harvest your own?

have you ever given thought to this subject?


not sure why this is our Nugget for today.

maybe it’s Cecil speaking thru me.


maybe its the myriad of animal BEings

that are seeking a voice to speak for them.


we share this planet with many BEings.

there are BEings that walk the earth.

fly the skies.

swim the seas


root in the earth body.

there are BEings that are too small for us to see



as one

are too big to even imagine.





we may seem separate


but the truth remains….

we are all creatures of this world

sharing the earth. the air and the waters.


there IS no separation.


imagine instead of thinking you are Breathing

you are being Breathed.

imagine that when you touch the earth

you are actually touching millions of creatures who live here.

feel in to this. feel the power in numbers.


on the ONE earth

we are ONE.

we share the earth. the air. the waters.


what happens to our bodies happens to the earth

<and visa versa>

what happens to our emotions happens to our waters

<are YOU emotionally healthy?>

what happens in our minds fills our air with the same substance

<is YOUR mind at peace?>


you see

we are ONE.

we are connected.

what we see in ourselves

is reflected in our world.

what we see in our world

is a reflection of us.


when will we choose balance?

when will we choose togetherness?

when will we choose respect?

for ourselves AND our earthly ‘roommates’.


want clean air?

tidy up your thoughts.

stop being critical. judgmental. hateful.

take responsibility for what goes on between your ears.


want clean water?

deal with what’s within!

address the emotions that have never been tended to.

set them free to move on to THEIR next adventure.

free your inners. free the waters.


the state of the world


the state of ourselves.

be kind to you.

love you.

practice radical self-acceptance.

practice radical respect.

practice practicing.


the state of the world is in our hands. thoughts. emotions & actions.

it is never too late.

bust out of the system we are trapped in.

there is a new way to BE.

let’s BE it.


it is time for us to start acting like ONE.

it is time for us to start acting like ONE.




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  1. “The outer world mirrors the inner domain; you are the environment, and therefore you must evolve your awareness and value yourself, Earth, and your place in the multiverse.” From our friends the Pleiadians

    Love your post today, thank you!

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