Forward Movement ~ No Strings Attached

Tales of a Double Virgo Episode 8

Forward Movement ~ No Strings Attached


Hey ‘out there’

wherever ‘there’ is.

It feels like the same thing as ‘they’

and not knowing who ‘they’ are


I could really bump it up a few notches and say:

‘they’ are ‘out there’.



Love that you are reading this.

Love that I am writing it.

I’ve missed my writing self a bit lately.

I’ve had dreams about ‘it’.

<I guess we could add ‘it’ to our list of WTF’s>


So many things I’ve done in my past

that the people <‘they’> miss.


I miss your teas. Your Nuggets. Your energy work.


Someday, we’ll miss Tales of a Double Virgo.

Keeping you on your toes, people.

You can count on me for that.


Let’s lean IN to today’s topic: Forward Movement.

Most of the time

I’m pro @ this.

Moving thru and OUT of things

when the time is right.

Not a fan of staying in anything for very long.

Change is my norm.


it’s everyone’s norm

tho many of us resist the HELL out of it



we wade in our suffering <like quicksand>

the kind that only resistance to change

can create.


I’ve had some cool realizations this week.

You will hear all about it in my video.

It’s really quite funny in parts

I dig humor.

You may evenĀ find yourself giggling.

Go ahead and practice.

Let’s hear your giggle.


That feels good!

On to the Main Event:

Forward Movement ~ No Strings Attached


Don’t you just love anything with no strings attached?


we have enough strings


they are all getting tangled.

Time to bust out the scissors……


rock on.



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