feeling your way thru darkness.

Daily Nugget #144

feeling your way thru darkness


i actually have great night vision

but i still turn on my feelers.

the same goes for the darkness we experience in our lives.

we have to use our feelers.


if it was always up to our eyes

we wouldn’t get very far.

it’s when we expand beyond our sight

that we get to really feel what is out there

we get to use all of the unseen senses that we have


allow them to lead us in a different direction.


our eyes make judgements all the time.

eyes to the brain to the judgement.


when we close our eyes


feel our way thru

our body takes over.


we can notice the subtleties of change


the feelings that arise

when we allow ourselves to be guided without our eyes.

don’t strain and SEE the solution or the way,

FEEL it instead.


when you find yourself in darkness

use the light of your own BEing to guide you.

tap in to your inner senses


feel your way thru the darkness.

close your eyes


open to trust.

allow your guidance to step forward.





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