Fall Clean UP

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #13

Fall Clean UP


i’ve been

tending to and cleaning gardens

tucking them for the winter.


let’s jump right IN to the deep thoughts from the garden

shall we?!


tho i write from a deeply personal perspective

i am fiercely private

<or have been>

i also tend to NOT look at the past much.

i rationalize it

by thinking i keep my eyes forward

because the past seems to house much pain

failure and other things i’d rather not RE-visit.


Hold The Phone!


i also created some pretty bad ass things.

why is it so easy to forget those?

why do i place such emphasis on the ickies


negative zero on the bliss?!



as i spread the dark delicious compost

around my plant friends

i realized

My Past is Fertilizing My Future.

all that shit is fertilizer.

i am ~literally~

using my discarded rotting scraps of past

to nourish this now


the version of now that exists in my future.


deep thoughts from the garden….


fall clean up


use the shit of your past

to fertilize your future.


we learn

we grow

sometimes we need weeded




we are not very different



We get so comfy in our ways

allowing our roots

to firmly secure us

in sameness.


what if

we uprooted that sameness


moved it all around.


like Mrs. Potato Head.

wear your lips on your forehead

your shoes where your ears go


walk on your hands.


what if you leaned IN

and chose the opposite of your ‘norm’?

to stay instead of run.

to smile instead of cry.

to hug instead of punch.

take a deep breath instead of holding it.


‘choose the opposite of your sameness’

that’s what the gardens told me.

‘use that shit to fertilize your future’

it’s rich in nutrients 😀

this way

we can truly let go


and be grateful for what is.




be willing to choose something new

be open to change around your inner garden


allow yourself to be nourished by all that shit from your past.


The Big Ass Pile O Shit From My Past :D

The Big Ass Pile O Shit From My Past 😀












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  1. Good on you for writing this down. Perfect for me! …for all of us. This is Janet Bishop Sinclair. My friend Karen Skaggs sent this on to me. We are your fans? Keep inspiring us with this shit! Love you dearly, Janet

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