face the boogie man

Daily Nugget #175

face the boogie man


when i was a kid

i had an active dream world.

i would dream of the ‘end of the world’


often of

the Boogie Man chasing me.


lots of chase dreams.

sometimes i could see the chaser

sometimes not.

at one point

my mom told me:

‘turn around and face it’.


turn around and face what hunts you?!

what chases you?!


‘use a magic pen

to X it out.’



can i do that?

do i have the courage to face it?

isn’t running easier?

what if it kills me?

eats me?

or worse!



yes. dreams feel freaking real sometimes.


the other day

my son said to me:

‘mom. i had a dream that i was standing on a cliff and

this guy was gonna push me off. then i realized i was dreaming

and i just grew wings…..’




so how many of you are totally freaking out right now?

are you caught up in:

‘what the fuck was i thinking?


i can’t believe i did that.


bla bla bla, i pretty much suck.’


the sith lord and the jedi are battling in your brain.

the dark side takes a swing


you fall down.

but you get up…..


back to the X.

what IF you DID turn around and face it?

look it in the eyes?

all of those dark places within yourself

have taken form


it feels pretty scary.


that deep layer that has flavored your life

your choices

your reactions

your beliefs

is surfacing


it feels big.


here are my thoughts

<as if i haven’t been sharing them all along! ha!>

i had this heart experience in Peru


if you read my offerings

you know already~

that experience showed me

how to BE that <heart space> for you.


i am BEing


the direct heart connection

with you

so you can feel safe

to turn around and


the Boogie Man.


take a breath.

feel your heart.

it’s going to be ok.

you WILL get thru


you DO have a choice.

what do you choose?

are you a sith


a jedi?

face the Boogie Man.

<face the Boogie Man>





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