expand on the INside

Daily Nugget #116

expand on the INside


maybe that’s the reason

that there is SO much expansion in our outsides??!!


did i just figure out

one of human kinds MAJOR issues?

maybe so.


why do we expand so much?

you see it in our guts

our shopping malls


discount mega plazas.

you see it in our population.

in our homes. our closets & land fills.


human be-ings love to expand.

maybe all along we’ve just been doing it backwards?


i have been having some experiences lately

where i’m feeling my insides


no, not my physical insides.

i am not bloating.

(that was the last Nugget. ha!)


my energetic insides.

my inner sanctuary.

the inner me.

the part of me that is vast and infinite.

the part of me that is grounded. connected.

and one with all that is.

create what YOUR inner sanctuary looks like <3

what does YOUR inner sanctuary looks like <3


i can get to my place

in a moment.

not even a moment.

less than a moment


i am there.


~let me know if you didn’t get the memo

and you don’t know what the hell i’m talking about

and you need some help. i have done many audio recordings to help you find it~


our bodies might be relatively small


the space that exists within

is infinite.


it is so vast


we probably will never see all of its corners.


your sacred place within

is a place that exists within you

that you enter thru your physical body

and create in your minds eye.

it can look like anything that you want.

go big.


in this place that you have created

look around.

can you see mountains or oceans or cities

in the distance?

can you see the horizon?

can you see over the next ridge line?


all that you see in every direction

is you.

all of it.


you may feel like you are contained in a small physical body

but within

you are vast.

you spill out beyond your boarders

over the mountains

across the ocean.

it is all you.


breathe in THAT  for a minute or 2

or ten!


go visit your sacred place

your inner sanctuary

and allow yourself

to fill in the space around you

with you.


know now that you are much bigger than you can imagine.

big on the INside.

allow yourself to expand on the inside


see what then happens in your outer life

in your outer world.


any questions?



expand on the inside and find that you are connected to All That Is.

expand on the inside and find that you are connected to All That Is.







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