Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #61




do you want it?

do you strive for it?

do you give a shit?

do you step out in to your day

with your heart open

your head up


mind clear

wanting to do your best

be your best?


do you desire to BE your best

no matter how you feel


what your current circumstance is?


excellence is a practice.

we are not born with it.

it takes consistency





many of us feel

that we cannot DO or BE at a higher level

because we were dealt a bad hand


weren’t born with a magnetic personality


don’t have the special qualities we think we need to achieve

what we perceive as excellence.




the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.


many of us lean on our strengths

to get us thru life

feeling that our strengths alone

can get us where we want to go.

in reality

we need a hell of a lot more than JUST our strengths

if we want to truly achieve excellence in our lives.


missing piece?

we must be willing to Learn and Grow.


if you idle too long in your comfort zone

in the land of your strengths and superpowers

this can only get you so far.

in order to take the leap to the next level

you have to be willing to fall. get up. fall again.

learn. grow. walk before you fly.


often i hear

when i present someone with something totally new and different

‘i don’t want to learn a new skill’

‘i don’t want to start over’

‘i have spend so much time and energy doing -xyz- i don’t want to be a beginner again.’



i like being a beginner.


when i moved to the mountain west

i learned how to snowboard.

kicked my ass

but i practiced every day & learned.


when i had kids

they started out skiing


eventually shifted to snowboarding.

at that time, i decided to learn how to ski

-prob the hardest thing i have ever done on many levels-


as a snowboarder, i could go just about anywhere w ease.

popping in an out of trees. steep slopes.

as a new skier

i started to look at the mountain in a whole new way.

i couldn’t just -go anywhere-

i had to stick to the basics

straighter lines

easier pitches

calmer zones.


at one point

i remember riding up the lift


my head literally felt like it was splitting open.

i took something i had known well

and completely changed my relationship to it.

my mind was seeing it all differently.

i HAD to think differently in order to navigate this newness.


as a result

i started to think about my entire life differently.

new ideas flooded in.

a new perspective

a fresh look.


it was the best thing i had done to raise the needle in my life.


when we get too comfy in what IS

what we are good at

what comes naturally to us

eventually it starts to rut out the pathways in our brain

keeping our perspective flowing in the same direction.

when we bring in newness

and especially total newness

our brain (and beyond) gets to see the infinite pathways of possibility

that NOW exist

outside the ruts of comfort.


it feels like a burst of o2 at a high elevation.



the path to it lies outside of what you currently know


within the possibility of what you are willing to learn and experience

with committed consistency.




is a choice and a practice.

no prerequisites.






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