Essential Nutrients

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #48

Essential Nutrients


i pulled some carrots out of my fridge this morning


i could feel my energy!

the planting.

the watering.

the love.


i got to thinking…..


if i could feel the love

the energy

i put in to my garden


what i harvested from it

what happens when food is planted by machines

harvested by machines

sorted by machines

sprayed by machines

with barely any human contact?



i could FEEL my energy in the carrot.

not sure i’ve ever experienced that before.

it was startling




some more awesome~

‘that was the coolest thing i’ve ever done!’ said my 19 year old who got his first astrological reading.

‘how so?’ i asked.

‘it explained soooo much about me. it helped me feel better about how i am.’

feeling better about how you are. who you are.


nothing like a little self acceptance in the teen years.


things are changing

in case you haven’t noticed.


one of the things i’ve noticed about me

is that

the more honest i am with myself

the more authentic i become.


the more honest i am with myself

about how i TRULY feel

in any given situation

the more honest i am with others


the more real i feel.

up until now i felt like a fake

a fraud


i didn’t understand why.

i wasn’t fully accepting my truth.


things are a changing.


life is full of ah HA’s.

pretty freaking awesome.


i also realized

that the work i started

when i had my tea biz

doesn’t have to STOP

because i’m not working with plants like i was.


in my Dragon Lady days

i had a burning desire

to understand 3 things:


the nervous system




i wanted like hell

to get to the root of these


truly understand

how they all work


how they may be tied together.


i had an Ah HA!


my work with these

has not stopped!!


i continue to crack more codes

to get deeper


i don’t need to be ‘DOing’ what i was to crack’m.


my addictions fuck with my nervous system.

my hormones sing for my addictions.

when all 3 are out of alignment

my heart pounds

my teeth hurt

i feel edgy and overwhelmed

i lose fucking control.


everything is connected


many of us are distracted

over booked




which taxes the nervous system

which throws off the hormones

which drives us to medicate……


deep breath.


consider this>

3 nutrients

that many of us are HIGHLY deficient in:





Essential NUTRIENTS!

crucial for our well BEing!!


when was the last time you created just for joy?

do you want what you have? & feel fucking grateful for it?

have you danced lately? skipped down the road? played hide and seek?


how does connected feel to you?

can you connect intentionally?

to you? to the earth? to others? to all that is?


maybe our addictions need a gratitude injection?


scan your life for essential nutrients.

keep less from yourself. YOU deserve to accept your truth.

& feel your true self come alive.

REkindle your ability to Savor.

savor life

savor experiences

savor the moment

whatever it holds.


grow your food


buy your food from cool people.



when your thoughts are louder than your life

tell them to shut up

so you can listen.

my favorite play time 😀 i love wednesdays!

if you have a burning desire to feel better about how AND who you are

click here to talk to Jeremy!





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