emotional obligation

Daily Nugget #109

emotional obligation.

peace IS the Way.

peace IS the Way.


are you feeling it?

that weird self expectation

of feeling like you are ‘supposed’ to react a certain way

or feel a certain way

in any given situation?


you’ve reacted before

why not now?

tho you feel like you should.


waiting for that feeling to rise up

in response to whatever it is that may have ‘triggered’ you before.

you get some kind of news

someone shares something big with you


instead of bursting with emotions

you feel rather calm and steady

waiting for the inevitable surge of feeling

that doesn’t come….


why do we feel obligated to react

obligated to get a certain rise of feelings

obligated to show that we feel.


part of me wonders what the heck is going on.

am i incapable of feeling anymore?

have i lost my sensitivity?

am i no longer able to empathize?



maybe i am instead choosing not to react.

i certainly have done (& am doing) my inner work

corralling my emotions


not allowing my mind to bully me.

NOT reacting is definitely more gentle on my being.

i feel more centered

more ‘in control’ of my inners.


i feel at peace.



isn’t that the goal?!

isn’t that what we are all truly working towards?!


so instead of feeling obligated to react

because another is feeling their experience

hold your calm, peaceful center.

this will ripple out and affect and calm the tornado around you.


be the eye.

don’t allow yourself to get pulled from it

by obligation. fear or bullying.


maintain your peace.

lean IN to it

be OK with it.

this is great! fabulous! amazing!!

you want to be here.


Peace IS The Way.

let THAT be your practice.




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