emit vs. absorb

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #34

emit vs. absorb


i read something yesterday that stuck with me.

~everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you~


game changer.


i feel like i spend much of my day dodging dense or dark energies

keeping myself aligned

so as to not be thrown IN to pooptown.


so many things to be affected by

so many fucking insane things happening

so many beings of all species being disrespected.

i could go on

you get my drift.


i’ve been understanding more and more

how important it truly is to BE ME.

i am reaching new levels of awareness of it


its importance.


the past few months

i have given up what i thought my life was ‘supposed’ to look like


what i thought i wanted it to look like.

~i’m not giving up. i have released attachment~


turns out

it doesn’t matter what i ‘DO’

i can BE ME regardless.


i can be me

because i AM me.

not to be force fitted in to some outward work/lifestyle.


~everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you~


instead of being a constant practitioner of:

Defense Against The Dark Arts

what if i just emanated ME?


Defenselessness is a powerful thing.

i recently practiced it

when attacked.

the remarkable thing

is that it came totally naturally.


the reflex to defend oneself

especially when accused with UNtruth

is a powerful force.


taking a breath


deciding to not engage

NOT engage with the aggressive, angry or bat shit crazy energy presenting itself

is also a powerful force.

choose the high road.


how to emit ones own frequency?


this is a personal journey unique to you.

you may be able to to some adjusting on your control panel

<see Episode #33>


IF you can get quiet for a second

close your eyes

take a breath. and another. and another.

put one hand on your heart

the other just below your belly button.

tune IN to YOU.


this simple act of breathing and checking in

lets the real you know that you give a shit.


notice where your light lives.

it may be dim at first

<because it’s used to being suppressed>

focus on that light and ask it to brighten

to grow.


stay present with it.


THIS is your light.

THIS is what we can grow and emit

so as to not absorb any ick around us.


when you turn your control panel dial to ~ EMIT ~

it makes it

let’s just say


to absorb the chaos.


~when a light is on, the only way for it to NOT be on is to turn it off~


learn to EMIT your beautiful



and see if

in fact

everything really does change.

another world lives in the reflection










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