dude. who let one rip?!

Daily Nugget #115

dude. who let one rip?!

smelly elevator or smelevator. ha!

smelly elevator or smellevator. ha!


you know.

you are walking thru the grocery store

~or anywhere for that matter~


you run IN to a

wall of gaseous-ness.


you gag.

you choke.

you run to escape

hoping that the next person who ‘finds it’

won’t think it was you who left it.


do you care when that happens?

do you turn your nose up in disgust?

wondering why anyone would do such a thing?


i’m like:

‘damn. i can smell why that person had to let it rip.

cause death would be swift if they held that in.’



what about if you saw someone itch their ass


make out with their mate in the isle


not wear shoes


not work. not conform. have a baby in high school. drop out of college.

do lots of drugs. wear clothes that don’t match. dance wildly. sing loudly.


would you care?

do you pay attention?

do you judge?

do you wonder what the HELL those people are doing/thinking?

do you create stories in your head about their experiences

pretending you know how they feel?


imagine a world where NO one judged one another!

where we were free to make our own choices.

free to be exactly who we are.

to love who or what we want.

to change our situation whenever we felt like it.

fart in the grocery isle if we need to.

run when we need to.

drop out when it’s right for us.


basically ALLOW ourselves and others

to do. be. have.

anything that we desire

(as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone).

ALLOW ourselves and others

to have exactly the kind of experience that we seek!!


have you ever held back from something

because you were afraid of what others would think?

when so much of you really really really wanted to do/be/have

whatever it is?!


have you ever TOTALLY judged someone else

for their choices or actions?


either voiced it directly to them

or voiced it silently to yourself

sending daggers of judgement

that land in that persons energy field


affect their experience

and their joy??



like belief

is one of those subjects that i keep coming back to.

we are quick to judge most things.

even if you are conscious and aware

there is a natural tendency to judge.

our brains need to make sense of what we are seeing


either approve




what if we ALL lost that ability?

what if it just stopped happening?

it evolved OUT of our cells

and stopped being so damn automatic

controlling how we feel

about any given person

in any given situation??


i dream of a judgment free world.

interesting that mainstream religious beliefs

talk about a JUDGMENT DAY.

i can’t think of anything more horrible

than my eternal paradise or demise

being decided by putting my life and choices under a microscope

to be JUDGED.


gosh. give a human a break.

yea. there are some sucky people out there

but anyone can change.

we all make choices that take us down a not-so-desirable pathway sometimes.

but wouldn’t a better way be:

‘hey, i love you anyways.

how can i help?’


‘hey, i love you anyways. how can i help?’

doesn’t that just feel better

on both sides of the equation?


offering help if need be


giving space.

offering a smile

when you recognize someone

living/speaking/BEing their truth?


pay attention to your auto judge reflex that kicks in


smile instead 😀

ALLOW everyone to BE who they are

(including yourself)


express that are-ness

however they want.



why is it that allowing is a challenge?


at the same time that our judge muscles atrophy and dissolve and evolve away

our allow muscles will become strong and healthy??!!


test this theory from both sides.

FART out in public


see how people respond.


watch your response to those in their freak zone.


allow allow.


i wanna hear

‘dude. who let one rip?’

more often.


farts can be big fun :D remember to wear your safety goggles.

farts can be big fun 😀 remember to wear your safety goggles.












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