the door shall open

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #29

the door shall open….


i like questions.

i like asking them. offering them. pondering them.


‘When we arrived at the Question, the Answer is already near.’ RW Emerson


i’m in a new phase.

ready and open to newness

receptive to changing the inners


asking new questions.


instead of

‘why oh why is this fucking happening to me??!!!’

i ask

‘what would it take for me to vibrate at the frequency of Love?

or Truth?’


‘what if i fully shined my radiant light?’


‘what would it take for the entire planet to be healed?’


considering the state of ‘things’

i have wondered if i am complacent


in denial


whatever the fuck else there is

to not deal with what is.


how can i feel so ok with my life

with all that is crashing and burning.

are we going to revisit the Salem Witch Trials???


the Holocaust?

are we going to be persecuted

for who we are


what we believe?!


those are the questions i’d like to STOP asking

and replace them with:

‘What would it take for us to awaken to our truest potential,

to see thru illusion, to fully trust and BE connected?’

i like that question better.

it feels like one i can play toward

one that can open new doors


awaken dormant parts.


if you knock with a question, the door shall open.

be mindful of the question you knock with.

what do you want your world to BE?

our world?


can you focus on things like:

‘What if…… we ALL woke up?!!!

What would that take?’


ask powerful questions.

doors will open.

be willing the SEE, HEAR or FEEL the answer.

Take Action without delay.


we really ARE that powerful.







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  1. Thanks Dee Elle, this post really helped. i feel in a very similar place. And yes to the importance of the question. loved being Unicorn..being yourself

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