do you see the storm coming?

Daily Nugget #176

do you see the storm coming?


when i’m on my fav lake

i can look out


see a storm coming.

the waters look different.

sometimes darker.

sometimes whiter.


a storm is coming.


i look in the eyes of people everywhere


i can see a storm coming.

i see darkness settle in




can you see it coming?

can you feel it?

or maybe

you are in the middle of it.

clinging to a shred of wood

from your broken boat.

seeing no land in the distance

only swells of water

threatening to swallow you whole.


do you dive in to the belly of the beast?

do you allow yourself to be swallowed?



pooped out the other side?


i see the storm coming in your eyes


i have a new boat.

one made of materials from the future

a future that has already seen the storm


survived it.


climb aboard.

you are shaking.

i offer warmth.

find the rhythm of newness

know that each storm does pass

even if it swallows us


shits us out

stinky. soft.

perfumed with insight.


i see the storm coming


it now moves in to the distance.

what’s left in its wake

is truth.


are you willing to face it?

be it?

embrace it?


will you invite endless storms

in to your BEing

to swallow. digest & poop you out a new?



oh boy, here it comes!

oh boy, here it comes!



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