do you know what you want?

Daily Nugget #139

do you know what you want?


this theme is swirling around me

in every aspect of my life


in every conversation i have.


do you know what you want?

really know?


the most important part of creating the life you seek

is first knowing what you want.


i feel like i coasted thru most of my life

just trusting that it will all work out how it is ‘supposed to’.


with crystal clear clarity

for the first time ever

i am engaging with my life in a more intentional way.


in this Now

i know what i want

i know who i am

what i want to do

who i want to be with

how i want to feel.


that wasn’t always the case.


when you know what you want

it is easier to step in to the Flow


move with your life

taking inspired action

at the right time

instead of being confused and unsure


leaving it up to what’s ‘meant’ to happen.

when leaving it up to the Meant

we are usually unaware

that even tho we think we don’t know


think we are going with the flow

we are still creating with our thoughts.


unless you are super duper aware of what is going on ‘up there’ in your head

you are creating all the time.

better to be a bit more conscious of what is happening


nice to lean in to the flow

knowing the direction you’d like to point in.


yea sure it’s cool to let go


put our arms in the air

as we ride this wild roller coaster


knowing brings a grounded-ness

that not knowing doesn’t.

this is the ride we signed up for!

this is the ride we signed up for!

what if you don’t know?

i know what that feels like too.

at this point

maybe you just need to have some experiences

of what you DON’T want

so you can better understand what you DO.


you can start the conversation with yourself

by asking:

what do i want to ‘do’?

who do i want to do it with?

where do i want to do it?


this answers the 3 fold question of:

what. who. where.

but what about the why??


why do you want to do anything?

why do you want to be with these people?

why there?



keep asking questions.

keep looking for answers.

keep your ears open

your eyes closed (except for your 3rd)


see where all of the questions lead you.


time is slippery

words are slippery

our perception

our judgement

is slippery


often quite UNtrue.


slip IN to your questions


swim around.

see what you find

what you hear/see/feel.


and notice

if want you really want

appears before you.

it may take time.

but you are worth the wait


your life deserves your attention.

we, the people

are ready to bask in the light that is you.


shine it, baby!

shine it, baby!






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