‘do YOU have the strength to sit with each moment?’

i freaking LOVE this line

from the song Shine Bright 🙂


do YOU

have the strength to sit with each moment?


it’s sooo easy to shift OUTside the moment.

something is intense (like, SO much)


we just shift to yesterday. tomorrow or next week.


maybe you’re having a splendid time


you immediately shift to creating MORE of it

In The Future-

forgetting that it’s Actually Happening RIGHT NOW.


we need strength to stay in THIS moment

no matter HOW the moment feels.


why is it hard to stay?

is there some kind of NOWness force field we get kicked out of?

The Now Vortex?

no se.


i just know

that this particular line

~do YOU have the strength to sit with each moment?~

echos thru my consciousness

on the regular.


i had an experience last week

where ALL of my shit was up.

my Go-To is to fucking run.
get the hell outta there.

run run run.

don’t look at it.

don’t look back.

don’t have the convo.

Just Ghost.





this time i DIDn’t run.

i turned to face it.

i stayed IN the Now Vortex.

i pulled some serious Neo moves.


it worked out WAY better than i could have imagined 🙂


go me!


just know

that NOW is where the juiciness lives.

the things we feel are SO much bigger when we keep them inside our bodies/minds.

sometimes (often, or even always)

shit just wants a lookie.


like- ‘Just Fucking LOOK At Me For A Second! That’s all i need.’

says the ‘thing’ in our body/heart/mind.

turn to FACE it and its power over us shrinks OR disappears.

fur realz.






face YOUR agents

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