do you have enough room for everything?

Daily Nugget #145

do you have enough room for everything?


do you have enough room in your life for everything?

are the things that you want to do

pushed aside

for the things that you have to do?


that feels sucky

doesn’t it?!


do you always do the things you want to do

be with the people you want to be with

making the room for the things that really matter in your heart?

<if so, good job!>


how often do you play. laugh. have time for yourself?

take a class you’ve always wanted to?

catch up on your home projects?


just relax




i have to work late


work more


get this or that done


bla bla bla.

work can be such an F’n distraction.


do you have room for everything in your life?

what are the things that drain you?

who are the people that drain you?

do you have time for that?


in a land where ~time~ is the most precious commodity

do you have any?

life can very swiftly


effectively sweep in and take it ALL away


not even a crumb.

nope. you can't even have that crumb!

nope. you can’t even have that crumb!


good new.

<there’s always good news>

you can take it back!
take back your life.

take back your time.

create it!


please do this at home:

make a list


2 lists.

<i love lists. i’m a listarian>

1. write about the things that fill you up. the things/people/places/experiences that FILL you with energy.

2. write about the things that drain you. get really honest here, people.

write about all of the people/places/experiences that drain your energy.

you know what that feels like tho you may not be willing to admit what some of them are.

it’s ok. you don’t have to show your list to anyone.

pulling these things out of you and putting them on paper in front of you

is a really beautiful exercise in self honesty.

we MUST be honest with ourselves. we are all we’ve got.


if you want to see authenticity in your life

you must start showing it.


take some time to write your lists.

look at what you’ve written.


what actions can you take to shrink the ‘drain’ list?


our bodies and our lives are evolving towards more efficiency.

we cannot be energetically efficient if we still allow the ‘drain’s’ to be present in our lives.

we must fill our lives and our time with things/people/experiences that fill us.


no easy task, i know.

but infinitely powerful.

choose wisely.

you are greater and more amazing than you know.

step IN to yourself.


THIS fills me up!!

THIS fills me up!! Big time.

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