dive deep-er…

The ebb and flow

the coming and going

the shallow and depths

the murky that clears-

so live the water ones.


rise, dear humans

rise up


look out.


what do you see

from where you are?

can you see?


imagine your world filled with water

to the top-

what happens now?


things float to the surface

many things.

things sink to the bottom

many things-

and some things



that which was INvisible….appears

that which was solid……dissolves.


‘This is the Way’

(thank you Mandalorians <3)


when you accept what is


stand up for what shouldn’t be-

what you see before you



blessed humans

you are driving now

your numbers have tipped over


spilled in to US-

IN to the oceans

the lakes. rivers. streams and beyond.


all that settles

has settled here.

all that is avoided is lurking here-


at the same time

within the waters

lies the cure to your ill.


will you seek it?

will you allow yourself to find it?

will you allow those standing in the way

to continue to block you?


are you willing?

the choice is yours.

you have the power.

steer us in a new way.


the beauty + the sting…..co-existing







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