Dear Water

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #35

Dear Water


Dearest Water,

i love thee so deeply

as deep as the deepest ocean

and beyond.


life wouldn’t exist without you.

you are everywhere

and sometimes



i feel your presence within me

rising up in my body as emotions.

i smell your presence around me

your solid form melts


above you jump from the clouds.


i can hear your voice loudening


the earth drinking.


the sweetness of the quench.


sometimes i feel you consume me

surrounding me on all sides



and other times you freeze

you freeze when i’m triggered

you stop moving

and harden.

you take my breath away.


dear water,

Happy World Water Day!

i have been singing to you all day and the day before this


the one before that.


i like to match my voice with yours


hold it there as long as i can.

your voice is as loud as your presence.


i love you muchly.

my gratitude beyond words.


dear Water,

i love to watch you flow

to move down the river


the sidewalk

or my face.


Dear Water,

may you be healed

every drop

brought to your highest vibration

to run clean and clear

in your chosen pathway.


clean. clear. powerful. alive.


you. yes you, water.

i want everything for you.

without you there is nothing.

without your touch

your presence

your movement

all would



may you be NOT controlled




may you run freely

within us

around us


and beyond.


Dear Water,

Happy World Water Day!

May you feel our blessings

may you receive our prayers

may you live as your truest you.


may all of the waters within and around

run free and pure.

blessed be the water for ever more.






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