Dear ReadERs

it’s been almost 2 months since my last entry.

what the hell has been happening?

where have i been?


i’m not sure that i really have anything to say

to share

to talk THRU via my keyboard.


maybe i do?


today feels different.

the light.

the energy.

we’re in a new month.

the depths of the (physical) darkness behind us

(at least till next winter. ha!)


what have you discovered

in the season of -going withIN- ?

have you found your limits. your boundaries. your edges?

have you asked for what you WANT

in all places of your life? or even in SOME of them?

have you experienced pleasure? love? grief? forgiveness?


Let’s Take A Moment To REflect-

i consider the ‘dark season’ to start in November.


think back- if you can REmember ha!

(cuz seriously. what the F is going on w Time these days?)

can you remember how you felt? what you did? where you were?


what i DO know is that during that time. those months.

i moved

i celebrated

i laughed. a lot.

i cried. even more.

i hula hooped.

danced and danced and danced.

did a LOT of driving.

watched a LOT of hockey.

learned to Trust MORE in Trust 🙂

UNcurled parts of myself that i was never able to access before


i’m still here.



& i notice(d) that~

Time has felt different.

Healing is happening AT A WHOLE NEW SPEED AND LEVEL.

i have everything i need when i need it.

it really IS ok to ask for (& have) what i want.


without the people i love and who love me

i fur shur know

that these past few months would have been a shit ton harder

(& a LOT less interesting!)


so thank you.

here’s a loud and heart felt recognition and gratitude for My Peeps.


i love you SO big <3


ps. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow

so we still have more time to go IN if we missed anything.

Phil Strikes Again! wtf, Phil. 


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