day lily

Daily Nugget #162

day lily


one day she’s there

the next she’s gone….

damn. i barely noticed her

as i brushed by



everything can change in a blink.

life comes and goes

ebbs and flows.

change can sneak up


pull out the rug.




we are left spinning.




why do we expect sameness?

after life proves time and time again

that change is the ONLY constant.


why do we expect sameness?

when people grow




are barely recognizable

compared to their ‘old self ‘.


why do we put things. people. everything

in a box

in a compartment

with a label

in a sameness

never to change or be different again?


what the hell.


it’s fun to move around all of your furniture

re-arrange your closet or cupboards

adjust the routine

adjust the auto pilot.

shift the pathways of your day

your brain

how you do things

how you see things.

relax expectations.

relax everything!


relax everything.


ahh. what a thought.

relax judgment.

relax expectation.

relax standards.

relax criticism.


just freaking relax.


we are all balled up.

sometimes with fear

mostly with fear

fear of the:

judgment. criticism. expectations. standards.

fear of being who we really are.

feeling what we really feel.

fear of the unknown. the path ahead. the leap.


everything passes


if we allow.


Day Lily.

she uncurls in the morning light


shines the day away.

the day wanes.

she closes. shrives & lets go.

not to see another day.


fully shining while she is here.



enjoy the moment.

BE in the now.

shine your light completely, today!

tomorrow? what’s that?



relax & shine!

relax & shine!





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