darkness defines the light

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #27

Darkness defines the Light


Elizabeth Gilbert grams today:

‘Without Voldemort, Harry Potter is a very ordinary little boy.’



you can switch out the V word and Harry Potter with many different scenarios


what happened today in Washington.


think about those times in your life when you felt like Harry.

think about the definition or brightening of your light that experience offered you.

if this is true

think about what could happen

in our country



over the next 4 years.


the light within can be shy.

we often do not call upon it

unless is a fucking emergency.

what if we lived with it out

all of the time

NEVER shutting it in some closet or basement or shed out back.

this too

can be overlaid

draped over the myriad of real truths

that we keep locked away

so as to NOT let the world

gaze upon it.

upon us.


the other thing that struck me this week

was the study with mice and cherry blossom scent.

scientists exposed male mice to the scent of cherry blossoms

at the same time they received a shock.

when they removed the shock

they still reacted to the scent.


they brought in a group of females who had never been exposed to the scent

to mate with the males


the offspring

when exposed to the cherry scent

freaked out!




continued to freak out

for several generations.

omg again.


for sooooo many generations

our ancestors

have been taught


maybe forced

to keep their true self hidden.

‘be like everyone else’

was the IMPOSSIBLE task

that they upheld

<for the most part>


maybe the stirrings of our truth

of our light

IS our cherry blossom?

we start to feel the goodness

and the light stirring


then the fear

rushes IN to our BEingness


so we keep our light locked away

for our ‘safety’.


maybe we are finally enough generations away

from the origin of the UNtruth

that the affects


G O N E.


what if

a BIG darkness

was called to earth

in order

to call our light


for all to see!

including ourselves!




or rather



‘These are NOT the mice you are looking for,’ says the Jedi.


what defines YOU?


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  1. Whoa. So true. That is also an amazing experiment about the mice! I didn’t realize it could continue into subsequent generations.

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