creating within chaos

Daily Nugget #134

creating within chaos


for today’s Nugget

i am inspired to write about my creative process.


creativity is a muscle that needs to be flexed


used in order to be in good health


its health contributes to the health of our entire being.


i have a healthy relationship to the creative flow

but only because i have committed to growing and deepening it

over the years.


engaging with the flow of creativity

to me sometimes

actually looks like a flow.

i often see it coming towards me

ready to deliver its juiciness

if i am ready to receive it.

a stream of liquid light energy moving thru space.


other times i call it in.

this part takes practice.


i used to wait for inspiration to ‘hit me’.

sometimes i would be waiting for a long time.


i decided that i would commit to certain practices

that would engage me with the creative flow on a regular basis.


i started the: Tea O The Month Club.

a new tea blend came thru me each month


continues to even now.

check it out if you are curious: The Tea O The Month ROCKS!

this got me in to a regular ‘schedule’ with creativity.



i started doing the Daily Nuggets.

at first

i did the same thing


waited to be ‘inspired’

~my Nuggets were sporadic & sparse~


i committed to a regular interaction with the flow.

i decided to write on tuesdays and fridays

no matter what!


no matter how i felt


didn’t feel.

no matter what was going on in my life


within myself.

no matter if i was hungry



or irritated



or not really feeling like doing anything.

i did it anyways.



i don’t wait for the inspiration to hit me

i call it in.


beyond the teas and Nuggets

i call in the Flow on most days now

when i write/create/play.


this way

the creative faucet stays on

just waiting to be sipped

always willing to be dipped in to.


it takes commitment.

it takes time.

it takes trust.


many many many times

i sit down to write


i have no freaking clue

what is going to come thru.


like tonight.

no clue.


look where we are.


look where i am!
my kids are loud.

my house is loud.

heck, it’s friday night!


they will hear no shushing from me.

yea, i might not be able to turn away from my computer

until i’m done

but i can create in the middle of chaos.


the house is a mess

my floor is vibrating from the music my son is cranking downstairs.

dinner is uncooked.

the to-do (or tada!) list is undone.


i am committed.

i am sitting.

i am writing.

i am creating.


use your creative muscles.

flex them. bend them.

practice using them in all kinds of situations.

if you wait for the ‘right time’

you may never find it.


everything gets better with practice.

we ALL have access to the Flow.

where will YOU dip in?

are you ready?

are you willing?!



that the Flow doesn’t always look perfect

when it comes thru.

it doesn’t always get ‘finished’.

it’s not always a masterpiece.


so what.


just allow the Flow to flow


allow it to take you to new places.

call it in


go for a wild adventure

one full of unexpected dee-light.


turn it on, baby!!

turn it on, baby!!







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