Who is Dee?

What a Question!

Describe myself...

(cuz i don't like 3rd person bio's. not that this is a bio, but close enough.)

i move thru the world differently. i notice things. i hear things. there are MANY channels of communication. 

i dance and/or skip thru my day. smile a lot. and giggle. 

people tend to show me their goodness. that's one of the (zillions) of reasons that i BELIEVE in us. humans. 

kids like me. so do animals. and old people. i love the different speed of operation of each group. 

i feel a lot. i love to love. 

i like to take someone/something IN with ALL of my senses. 

i want to see more gardens. 

i want to hear more laughter. 

i'd like play and fun to be considered a necessary nutrient. 

i don't use the words: try. busy.

and i believe suffering is optional (even when the pain is real). 

i want people to know how important connection is & listening.

i want to be fully present in every moment. 

i want to (always) take action in the direction of my best self. 

I Believe That We Can Create The Most Magnificent Experience. Together. 


Some of my fav things (if you’re curious):

plants (obvs). animals. hot springs. music. dancing. live music (tho not ALL live music). loose-leaf tea. smooth stones. smiley people.

butterflies. morning light. deep quiet. the scent after a rain (which actually has a name: Petrichor!)

fun (yet comfy) clothes. sparkles. good food. freedom! 

bare-feet. dragons. fire & burning shit. BOLDness.

hula hooping. hugs. my kids. comedy. Elastagirl. Ryan Reynolds haha. 

my friends (thank goodness). 

crunchy, salty things. wandering in the forest. foot rubs. when someone cooks for me OR cooking for someone else 🙂 

when the birds wake me up. horseback riding. swimming. gardens. roller coasters. soup. long walks. figs. 

and soooo much more.

ps. i'm actually a unicorn pretending to be a human, so you can see my challenge.

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My fav Peeps doing AMAZING things.
Super Grateful for ALL of them. 
THEY have helped me get to where I am.