Who is Dee?

I am completely devoted to supporting the UPleveling of our global and collective frequency.

When you raise your frequency, your energy shifts.
When you change your energy, you change everything!

Let's learn HOW! Shall we?

Some of my fav things:

I love plants. animals. hot springs. water! dancing. the ocean.

butterflies. morning light. the scent after a rain. quiet. concerts.

fun clothes. good food. freedom. barefoot on soft earth.

when the birds wake me up. horseback riding. swimming.

gardens. old people. roller coasters. soup. long walks.

and soooo much more.

ps. i'm actually a unicorn pretending to be a human.
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My fav Peeps doing AMAZING things.
Super Grateful for ALL of them. 
THEY have helped me get to where I am.