commitment is a four letter word

Daily Nugget #188

commitment is a four-letter word


how often do you dodge it?

unwilling to look in to its eyes

unwilling to take the risk.


there are some things to which we are fully committed.

a no-brainer.



‘can i do it?’ you ask yourself.

‘what if it isn’t what i want when i get there?’

feel locked in? trapped?


i have a few committed people in my life.

they awe me with their depth.

willing to fully lean in

totally sure

totally committed.

totally realizing that surprises and left turns are required.

their focus is piercing.


i find myself rubbing my palms together

getting ready to warm my hands by the fire.

instead i feel warmed by inspiration


the movement that it brings.


lack of commitment feels draining.

much energy waisted in contemplation without action.


what if we instead

practiced practicing


commit to SOMEthing consciously.

be willing to get messy

be willing to be surprised

as we

lean IN to the life that calls to us:


why not?

why not?






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