coach your cells

Daily Nugget #98

coach your cells


‘good job, cells. you are doing great.

you are so strong and healthy.

you can heal so fast!

wow! i am so lucky to have you as the building blocks for my physical body!’


our cells need some coaching these days.

we are in the middle of upgrading


growing on levels we never thought possible!


our cells are like:

‘hmmm. what do we do?’


yep. they get confused.

they are being pushed to new levels

stretched to new heights.


they need coaching.

they need our conscious support

our love

our encouragement.

they need to know that they are AWESOME!

so they can continue to support us

in the best way possible

as their and our very essence



yes i said -changes-

we ARE changing

in case you haven’t yet noticed.

for instance:

do you have days that you feel like you can’t possibly get the amount of rest that you need?

do you ever feel like a steam roller took a few laps over you


you have been pounded by a meat tenderizer?

are you re-acting more noticeably and physically to people or situations?

does time feel slippery?

are your more eyes sensitive? is your vision changing?


neck issues?


these are just a few of what i call

‘evolutionary symptoms’


they are real.


what to do?

coach your cells!

take good care of you.

listen to what your body is craving


what your heart is longing for.

drink plenty of water




support yourself the best you know how.

connect often & frequently.

listen to the meditation in Nugget #97.

ground in your physicalness.

connect on every levels.

ask for support.


coach your cells.

speak gently and lovingly to them. to you.

show your support and gratitude for the work that your body does.


((envelop)) yourself in love

feel deep peace within

intend to feel good


support your cells in their awesomeness.


cells are happy and healthy when we send them love, support and appreciation!

cells are happy and healthy when we send them love, support and appreciation!




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