Cloud 9

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #24

Cloud 9


‘i was on Cloud 9,’ he said.

i got to thinking.

why 9?

why does the 9th cloud

describe this state of elevation and bliss?


oh, google.

to think

we used to turn to Dewey Decimal!


turns out

Cloud 9

actually refers to theĀ cumulonimbus

which rises 6.2 miles

the highest a cloud can be.

pretty cool.


can you think of a time(s) when you were on

~ Cloud 9 ~

in 2016?

let’s review.


grab your journal or calendar

if you have one


maybe you are one of those peeps

who remembers everything.


sift thru your year

your 2016.

how was it?

did you do anything new

do anyONE new?


did you lose something



or several somethings or someones?

did your world get rocked?

did your system receive a shock

that rewired your entire BEingness?


did you realize something about yourself

that caused you to take action

and make changes?

did you follow a dream?

or a job?

or a lover?


did you take that vacation?

or buy that car?

did you stick to

the resolutions from the end of 2015?


it’s easy to look

with a critical eye

@ all of the things

that are suck-ish


harsh on ourselves to



Cloud 9.

were there any of those?

how many?

if none

when was the last?

do you want more in 2017?

i do.


looking back thru my Desire Map

<highly recommend you purchase one now!

best planner EVER!Ā Desire Map! if there are any left…..>


here are some highlights from my 2016:

i broke thru my winter horse back riding fear! ~ cloud 9 moment ~

i started piano/music lessons.

i got a new vacuum.

i created a class! Time Bending 101.

i did my 1st rowing class and it was a b-day party!!!

i welcomed in new coaching clients AND saw some graduate.

more horse time.

i left Facebook.

i started collage-ing.

i shifted from Daily Nugget to Tales of a Double Virgo.

i failed. a lot.

i dealt with some crazy people.

<failing at stuff and dealing with crazies were my least fav things>

i discovered a new hot spring ~ cloud 9 moment ~

i saw a rabbit running thru town <that doesn’t happen>

i spent spring break in Florida <the first time i took my kids to a beach for spring break. cloud 9>

i unplugged.

i received some Bad Ass bodywork, coaching and floating. ~ cloud 9 ~

i went to Portland, OR.

i made some new friends.

i met my friend in Colorado for a hot spring retreat. ~ cloud 9 ~

<there’s a theme here with hot springs??>

i had some powerful conversations.

i did a 3 month cleanse without sugar and alcohol AND i survived.

i broke up with tobacco <that was BIG>

i gardened. a LOT.

i saw some good music.

i had an amazing Sacred Chambers experience and found a new connection to and with the Divine.

i busted up my foot and couldn’t wear shoes for much of the summer.

that was cra cra. good thing it was summer!

i celebrated a few big b-days.

i went back to Florida.

my neighbors daughter died. that rocked & still rocks my world.

i walked a labyrinth. a few times.

i participated in a PTSD study, testing & tracking a method using meridians!

i got the best birthday package EVER from my friend šŸ˜€ ~ cloud 9 ~

i found some new perspectives.

i changed all of my habits and routines <or at least most of them>

i started babysitting an 8 month old.

i wrote my book. 1st draft.

i dealt with confusing conflict on the inside AND out.

i took some big risks.

i let some things go.

i ate a LOT of burritos.

i got a job. twice.

i listened to lots of podcasts.

i learned to separate work purpose and self purpose ~ Cloud 9 AND major breakthru ~

i watched many random things come up in 2’s:

Excalibur. Phoenix <the bird> Blue Avians. Chanel #5.

to name a few.

i went wolf watching in Yellowstone.

i started making my own Kombucha again.

i’m driving a 14 passenger bus.


there are still a few days left in 2016!


if you are like most humans

you tend to dwell


emphasize the ‘bad’ stuff


the hard stuff.


it wasn’t until JUST NOW

that i realized there was more than failure

and dealing with conflict in 2016.

some really cool stuff happened.


now it’s your turn.

flip thru your calendar, journal or brain

month by month


see what stands out.


chances are

some pretty cool stuff happened

in amongst the hard shit.

reflect on this past year.

see where you might want to make some changes.

when did you see or feel yourself shift?

be gentle.

we are all learning

ALL of the time.

celebrate these last few days of 2016.

celebrate YOU


how far you’ve come.

focus on the reflection and celebration for now.

what does Cloud 9 mean to you?

did you have any C9 moments? want more?


use this exercise to assess where you ARE right now


next week

we’ll take it a step further.


mucho love-o

and to 2016,

i am thrilled to see you go.

you rocked my world.


Cloud 9 moment riding a new friend! Wait, are thoseĀ cumulonimbus clouds in the background?













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