caught on a piece of ourselves

Daily Nugget #171

caught on a piece of ourselves



as i was saddling up Nugget

<yes, one of the many reasons for Daily Nugget).

i was adjusting a piece

and my friend said,

‘it’s just caught on a piece of itself.’

instant Nugget.


life is always pumping them out.

like 3D fortune cookies.


i paused

and thought,

~yep. aren’t we all caught on a piece of ourselves?~

the piece that <inevitably> is ‘holding us back’.

holding us back from what?

from our fullest expression of ourselves

from living a life on purpose


in the flow.

from allowing our forward movement

to take us to the next level

the next experience

the next awareness or realization.


what piece of you is caught?

are you hung up on that ‘thing’ that happened

whenever it was?

caught up


still tangled in that conversation?

are you suspended in the web of your own creation?

created strand by strand

by your unwillingness to

Just Move On and Thru.


how often do you tell the same stories?

how often do you hear others tell the same stories?

even in the same conversation??!!

why do these stories mean so much?

how do they make you feel?


i know

i’m asking a LOT of questions.

i constantly ask questions.

who am i? where do i belong? am i enough?

do people care what i offer? does it even matter?

what IS this all about, anyway?



my questions

spill on to you.

ask them.

see how your life answers.


listen deeply.

have you found your own rhythm?

have you lost the rhythm of your life?

does someone/something else control or dictate YOUR rhythm?


is your own rhythm important enough

for you to find it. learn it. merge with it. be it?


if a piece of you gets caught


you keep re-living the same stories

pay attention to yourself.

next time

choose a different reaction.


allow yourself to hear AND listen to the rhythm

your rhythm


make sure that no part of you ‘gets caught’

in a web of un-movable stories.


listen. hear. learn. merge. repeat.

shoot. i'm caught again!

shoot. i’m caught again!


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