Day XI!! poetry month   the two the infinite   the many combined   depth joy   load chosen   happy free   above ride~   Behind The Words


Day X poetry month   RoaR! your roar is yours alone tho we share the rest your roar is yours.   when you add your roar to the ALL orchestra of otherz roarz the collective music is SO sweet.   this is the music of freedom when we allow the UNknown to be our Guide.   when we ALL roar …

What IF~

Day IX poetry month 🙂   (if you’re wondering why in the hell you’re getting SO many things in your inbox this month… i committed to writing a poem/day for national poetry month. with so many doing cleanses/fasts this time of year, i decided it was more about committing to SOMEthing, not necessarily what the thing IS. hence- my daily …

sometimes it’s silly :)

Day VIII #poetrymonth   what do you feel when you look at your life? each part each piece do you squeal with dee-light?   or do you throw up get a pit in your belly when thinking about your life are full of pink jelly?   oh now i’m being silly seuss-y and fun. i’ve had hiccups for like an …


Day VII Poetry Month 🙂   seven neves energy centers snow   forward backward aligned every which way   seven neves bridges piles   seven + neves mirror image egami rorrim are those words? or just mirrors?   what shines thru in your life mirror?    

what do i believe?

Day VI~ poetry month and my commitment to a poem/day in april 🙂   what do i believe in ?   everything nothing some things some of some things all of some things some of everything all of everything all of nothing some of nothing nothing sometimes? everything all the time?     (i always thought spring cleanse meant giving …

OR Gas M

Day V~ Poetry Month   OR Gas M~ the breath the sound the movement together   expand to meet deeply connect time doesn’t live here   the rhythm the rise break thru to the other side   washed by the wave cleansed by the ripple our combined energy- ORGasM    

What Do You Celebrate?

Day IV~ poetry month.   What Do You Celebrate? do you celebrate the little things the big things and all between?   or do you cram it all IN to november. december. a bit of jan & a dash of feb?   do you acknowledge when you left that job or that relationship or made a new friend bought a …

First In Flight

Day III ~in national POetry month   First IN Flight looking out from above i feel for my~ wings   do i have them? are they there? are they still curled up or are they just fucking invisible & i don’t know how to use them yet.   the power of Yet~      

Riding The Edge Of The UNiverse

DAY II (two)   Riding The Edge Of The Universe the UNiverse like a magic carpet hair blowing pointed IN to the void expanding in all directions the sound of it all around. Yes- i say. YESSSSSSSSSSS>>>