catch and release

Daily Nugget #151

catch and release


my life threw me a high fly ball

i caught it.

for a second i was blinded by the sun

but the ball landed in my glove.

then i threw it home.

i released it.


catch and release.

i ran barefoot thru the cool grass

catching fireflies in my coffee tin.

they lit up the tin.

the lit up my heart.

i released them.


catch and release.

i found a bird.

she hit my window.

i cupped her in my hands


breathed healing light in to her being-ness.

her cautiously trusting eyes blinked in gratitude

as she hopped to the end of my fingers and flew away.

i released her.


catch and release.

i cradled his slippery naked body as he took his first breath


held him deeply and softly.

i packed a lunch in his metal transformers lunchbox

woke him on up his first day of kindergarden


watched him climb on to the bus.

i released him.


our lives are full of catch and release.

they are two sides of a coin

yin and yang

masculine and feminine

day and night


why do we cling to the catch


fear the release?


why can we sometimes NOT let go?

do we not understand that release is part of the cycle?

it feels much better to release when it’s time

then to wait for the release to release itself.

the catch cannot be contained

for it will release itself



it may change and grow and evolve

but it will still release nonetheless.


what in YOUR life is ready


beyond ready to release?

i know you feel it somewhere.

is it the job?

the relationship(s)?

the belief of scarcity and lack?

the belief that you are not enough?


so many beliefs are ready to release.

you caught them, yes

but don’t allow them to catch you.

release them before they reproduce


create in your life

the manifestation of scarcity. lack. not enough-ness.


we could go on forever

but take it from me

release it Now!

Now is the time!
release it all. all of it.

all of the limiting everything.

all that is not in alignment.

be courageous


set free the inner bird

the inner firefly


watch your life soar and glow


uplift all who behold you!

you are so bright, you light up the world!

you are so bright, you light up the world!






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