can it be easy?

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #11

can it be easy?


do we really want it to be?


what IS it ?


how are you feeling these days?

has the pain of a certain situation OR relationship

reached its max?


at least reached the max you are willing to tolerate?


do you feel pain in your body? your bones?

your heart?


does your spirit feel like it’s aching?

like a phantom limb.


can it be easy?

Why oh why can’t it just fucking be easy?!

then i wonder….

do we really want it to be easy?

most of us are addicted to:



<Let’s keep on creating the SAME situation

over and over and over and over again>

sometimes the form changes

but the essence is the same nonetheless.

we do this, you and i


  1. we think progress takes effort and
  2. we like to keep our light as dim as possible
  3. wtf


can it be easy?

the ever present ~ IT ~

it meaning:

your experience. your life. your decisions.

your relationships. your health, wealth and beyond.



is ‘it’ outside of us?

or completely within?

does ‘It’ like to fuck with us?

sabotaging our plans

throwing a wrench IN to our fairy tale?


can it be easy.

why not?!

who says it can’t.


here’s the dealio:

we are moving from and OUT of this place of suffering

<oh that glorious ticket to heaven called~ suffering>


IN to the place of Flow.

we are the first ones to test the waters


we have no map.


the map of the new lands ahead

exists Fully Within Each Of Us.


it can be soooooo easy to get swept away by fear.

man, Fear can crush the strongest among us.

what is fear?

what does it look like? where does it come from?

can it reach out and grab us

~like a scene from a horror movie~


drag us away??



well, it can if we let it.


can it be easy?

easy to lean IN instead of away.

easy to say NO when our words say yes.

easy to take that step OR that LEAP!

when you feel you might implode.


can it be easy?

life. our path. love.

understanding what to do.

how to BE.





to be



freedom is a theme

a ‘thing’



that lives in the hearts of many of us ‘sensitives’.


can it be easy?



reach out and touch it.

cup it gently in your warm hands.

bring it close

breathe it in

it’s right there

right here



maybe ‘easy’ needs an updated/upgraded definition.

easy is the feeling you/we have when we know>

we know the way to go

the ‘thing’ to do


in our minds eye

we do it.

and when we open our eyes

we see ourselves

supported and loved


we take that step.


is it easy?

intent it to be.

believe it is.

allow the newness of our current galactic reality

to break us out of the prison of our past


USE the available newness

as oxygen

for your awakening fire.


~ Be Supported By the Current ~

cause you are…..




if you love this

send it to a friend.

healing comes in many forms.

You Totally Rock!

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