boil it down

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #49

boil it down


did you know

that the most important ingredient

for our happiness

is not time. money. a good job…..

the key


human connection.

meaningful relationships.



it’s the reason we call someone when we are feeling down


want to celebrate!

the reason we talk for hours

to a friend in need.

the reason we show up

for each other.




i learned of a study

involving rats.

there was a group of rats alone in cages.

they were given 2 water options:

one with drugs (cocaine or heroine)


one with clean water.

the solo rats always drank the drugged water

got addicted and died.


keep in mind

those rats were ALONE.


on the other side of the room

the rats had the ultimate play land.

tunnels. colored balls. lots of friends.


they had the same 2 choices of water.


guess what.

they didn’t go for the drugged water.

they had community. love. support.


i have long sought to understand what the F is happening

with addiction.

what space are we filling?

what lack are we making up for?


all signs are pointing to———> MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS.

community. friends. people you love and trust.


back in the early 2000’s

Portugal had a BIG drug problem.

they took some drastic measures to find REAL healing


REAL results.

not listening to the:

‘it’s a disease’ or ‘your brain gets hijacked’

old school thoughts about addiction.

they broke in to a totally new direction

with incredible results.


they decriminalized ALL drugs


put all of the money they used to fight, shame and punish drug users

in to their rehab.


what a beautiful thing.


there is hope for us all

i know it.

fighting creates more of the same.

support offers healing.

all we truly need is each other.


take a good look at your life.

boil it all down.

when you life reduction is finished


you look in to its pot on the stove

what do you see?


do you see happiness? love? freedom?

do you see conflict? anger? loneliness?


look at your life


boil down each aspect.

each experience. day. moment.

each relationship.

each thought.

which ones boil down to a nutrient dense yummy sweet syrup


which ones boil down to a blackened toxic paste?


do you feel you have a community of support?

do you feel loved and supported at home and beyond?

do you have trusted people to lean on


are YOU a trusted person on to be leaned?


which water do you choose to drink from?


so many thoughts

so many questions

boil it down

all of it


may your life reduction be a delightful potion of the highest vibration.



be there for each other. even when in the jungle, you can always find a phone booth ;D





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