Urban Shawoman

Jan / 2021

i forgot about Trust

i forgot about Trust for a minute (or 3).   my world felt like it was spinning. BEing constantly dog-piled by my thoughts. i couldn’t breathe.   my stuff. the world stuff. the EVERYTHING stuff. it ALL somehow felt like MY responsibility to deal with.   wtf.   currently my life is completely different than it was a year ago
Dec / 2020

The Great Review

Hola, Brave Humans! THIS is the time. WE are the peeps- who landed SMACK in the time of: The Great Review.   everything. yes EVERYTHING is up for review.   who we are. who we love. what we love. what we create. our beliefs. our fears. our priorities. The Whole ShaBANG!   what are YOU questioning? what feels to be
Sep / 2020

Soul Practice Podcast Sneak Peek

We totally didn’t mean to release this – so, our mistake is your dee-light!! Soul Practice is a podcast by Patricia Laufer – ‘where we will go deep and connect to our soul’s voice’. From Patricia: ‘Together we will grow in consciousness, strengthen our intuition, and step further onto our path of purpose. I am your host, Patricia Laufer, an intuitive guide, a
May / 2020

am i medicating?

wondering what the hell will happen and praying that i/we/us will come back together in a way that feels WAY better than before Because It Must. Because It MUST.
Apr / 2020

the shift

the earth she has shifted a tilt that feels new.   from the top to the bottom there is no more glue or maybe the glue is UN this time around.   the littles will rush in the flying ones the scurrying ones they may seem to take over.   and many 4 leggeds will appear in new places.  
Apr / 2020

from US in the Future…

in our now the fear is gone. the earth is clear the good has won.   you doubt these things yes, we know but trust our guidance trust us now.   there will come a time when you will choose and in that moment look out beyond.   look out beyond what was what is and make your choice aligned