Tales of a Double Virgo

the shift

the earth she has shifted a tilt that feels new.   from the top to the bottom there is no more glue or maybe the glue is UN this time around.   the littles will rush in the flying ones the scurrying ones they may seem to take over.   and many 4 leggeds...

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from the Mother

humans we have reached a new point in our time together. many believe i can simply 'flick you off my back' but that is not my desire.   we share my body this relationship i volunteered for.   i knew the path would have challenges i knew my body would be...

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tap tap caw caw i see you . . .   i soar high i soar low and i see you in both places.   i see your chaos i see your pain and i see your love.   it's all there around you you emit it like a tower. everything you feel i see.   i offer you a chance...

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feel her support

i feel her support underfoot always carrying me.   her surface is softening and i am waking.   each day she changes and each day she offers something new.   how is it that you do not see this, human?   without her there is no us.   as i wander...

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