Urban Shawoman

May / 2022

the last poem! (for now)

Day XXX POETRY MONTH!!!   we made it! 30 days of poems. thank you for coming along for the ride <3   in this month of committing to one thing- daily poems i have learned muchly about myself. in the process of this Practice things about me and my relationship to myself have risen to the surface. been viewed. softened.
Apr / 2022


Day XXIX POetrY MOntH   spring surge of energy of life sun & snow wrestle cold wind warm wind birds back in the hood people are happier plant babies pushing thru water moving faster longer days… longer days!!! smile factor increasing 🙂    
Apr / 2022

the finish line is close

Day XXVIII poEtry moNth   i see it the finish line it is so close   but is it about the line ? cuz what am i finishing anyway ?   i see it the finish line it is so close   tho when i ‘get there’ what will have changed ? will the line change or will i ?
Apr / 2022

god pooped in my shoe

Day XXVII PoEtry MoNth   don’t get triggered. it’s just a poem.   god pooped in my shoe sometimes that’s the only explanation   1 shoe 2 cats 1 dog who dunnit ?   the answer is not obvious nothing quite makes sense What The to the Big F there is only one explanation   only one other person will
Apr / 2022

when things change

Day XXVI poetry month   if you’re just getting here and wondering why the F you’re getting soooooo many emails all of a sudden . . . i committed to writing a poem/day for the month of April: national poetry month. i have realized (in the process) how powerful it can be to commit to something (something that i love)
Apr / 2022

when it comes back around~ part 2

Day XXV POEtree MONthe   when it comes back around again and again and perhaps again some more   you can wtf all you want but that doesn’t change where you are again   tho the again is new this time different and tho we think the again will be a carbon copy of the before   the again can