believing in YOU.

Daily Nugget #57

Believing in YOU.


i have realized that

many of the things that don’t ‘work out’


doubts that i have in my life

come down to this simple fact:

i didn’t fully believe in myself.




could it be?!

is it so?!

is that really how i feel on a deep level?!

perhaps subconscious?!

where on EARTH did THAT come from.


because ourselves is all we’ve really got.

you can surround yourself with great people


in the end

it’s just you and you.


how do you FEEL about you?

do you love you?

do you respect you?

do you truly believe you can do whatever it is you seek?



i’ve discovered this cosmic secret.

i now know that this is the icing on the cake

the topper of all toppers.




and why the heck wouldn’t you anyways.


you are:

1. awesome

2. infinitely powerful (even if you don’t know it yet)

3. amazingly resourceful

4. deserving of everything your heart desires


take a deep breath.

give yourSELF a big hug.

honor who you are and where you are

no matter what.

be okay with what IS.

put your hand on your heart and say,

‘i believe in you’


and see what you can do when you know YOU believes in YOU.


yet infinitely powerful

just like you.





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