Being OK with what IS

Daily Nugget #61

being OK with what IS.


acceptance is the first step to change.



i thought i was rockin this acceptance thing.

that i was really ok with ‘what is’.

turns out

there is a much deeper level to ‘what is’


acceptance of it

than i ever imagined.


to really be at peace with your current situation


harder than it seems.

BE OK with it.

‘yea, i can do that. no problem. it’s all good.’

when really

i feel like:

‘omg. why am i dealing with this again.

why am i not there yet? why am i feeling this way?

haven’t i worked on this enough? have i not cleared this yet?’


being OK with what IS


being at peace with WHATEVER

your situation or circumstance might be.

wherever you are.

even if you feel like you’ve been there forever.


wherever you are.


this does not mean

that you do not take action to change things.

it simply means that you settle in to the ok-ness

the inner peace

your calm center of knowingness

(that ALL of us have)

and trust

that It Is What It Is (for now)

i cannot change the now


i CAN change my reaction to it.


born out of your desire to change things

is a seed for newness.


Be OK with what IS


know that your desire for change

will inevitably bring it forth

as long as you ALLOW it.



life wants to give us everything we seek


we must be willing to receive it.


trust in YOU.

BE  at peace in the NOW.

stay open to the unexpected.

receive with gratitude & delight.

honor how you FEEL & be ok with it.


It Is What It Is.

i see greatness in you.

are you willing to see it too?


the tree of What IS

the tree of What IS


tools for Being OK with what IS.

if you’d rather listen:

these tumultuous times (both inner and outer)

have ‘forced’ me to deepen my connecting to me.

i have learned that it feels better to feel better 

than to let my circumstance sweep me away


pull me out of my center.

these are my tools for centering:

i tap into my earth & my star chakra.


you all know about the energy centers IN your body right?

the chakras.

there are many more than we know.

the 2 that i have been working with exist

about 18″ above the head


about 18″ below the feet.


on a daily basis (usually many many times a day, actually

cause that’s how many times life tries to pull me from center. ahem.)

i connect into both of these energy centers.



close your eyes.

breathe. in thru the nose. out the mouth.

feel into your heart center.

feel its pulsing. beating. life force energy.


its love 🙂

from your heart center,

reach down thru you body and out your feet till you

run into the ball of light of your earth chakra.


that feels nice.

maintain the connection of energy


come back up thru your heart center


then up  your body

and out

to your star chakra above your head.

ah. that feels nice too.

its a bit cooler tho infinitely connected

to all that is.


you are connected.

from your heart center

you are grounded into yourself,

connected into yourself

and to


practice practice.


Be OK with what IS.

love to you.




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