be like the universe….

Daily Nugget #143

be like the universe




the nature of all that is

is always moving





the pain that we feel

is us

not keeping up with our own expansion.


if your life is keeping you small

if your situation feels claustrophobic

you may be feeling the pain of the expansion that wants to expand.

it takes mucho energy to hold ourselves back.

eventually we pop.



i was flying high above the world

30K + feet in the sky.

from my window seat

everything looked SO small.

~cause it is~


everything looked SO big

~cause it is~


what a fabulous perspective

to fly high

up over ourselves

our ‘issues’

our past


our conflicts.


what a fabulous way to allow for expansion

contemplate what works

<and what doesn’t>


release our energetic place holder

so that we can expand in to this NOW.


take a moment to feel IN to your life.

what parts feel good?


what parts create a knot somewhere in your BEing?

can you let those parts go?

can you change them?

are you willing?

when you think about changing or releasing those parts

how do you feel?


can you imagine your life whole and happy?

if so

are the parts that create the ‘knot’ present?



the never ending process of growing ourselves.

some of us actually like the pain


are addicted to it.

thinking there is no other way

~there is always another way~

that we MUST suffer for whatever reason.

~no, suffering is optional~


take today

<and every day for that matter>

to look at your life


be willing to release parts of it.

you won’t fall apart when you release.

in fact

you will become more whole.


wholeness feels good.

so does expansion.

we can’t stop expansion.

it is the nature of the place where we live.

but we CAN stop our resistance to it.


cut the cord.

make the change.

Be the YOU the world is seeking.

Now is the time.

big AND small. be like the universe & EXPAND!

big AND small.
be like the universe & EXPAND!








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