ask for directions

Daily Nugget #103

ask for directions


we don’t have to be in the state of lost-ness

<tho sometimes it can be exciting….>


we can ask for directions!


you know

those times

when you are thinking and thinking about something

stressing and wondering


getting yourself all tied up in knots

about a decision or a situation?!



know that you have support

in the physical realm



center yourself.


drop in to your peaceful place within


ask for directions.


ALL answers come when we ask for them.

but we must ask.


we are not alone.


sometimes we can ask for directions or support from a friend.


ask yourself.

plant your question in the depth of your BEing


wait for the answer to sprout.

this way

you can relax

chill the F out

and know

the the answer is coming.


ask and release.


you will know when the time is right to take action

when alignment has occurred

when it feels right.


keep your ears peeled

and your eyes open.

the answer that you want to hear

might be different from what is.

learn to discern the difference.


ask for directions.

know that you are supported on EVERY level.

know that your own inner guidance is the best GPS

you will ever have.

trust in it.


drop the question into your wishing well.

know that even tho a decision or a situation may be difficult

there is always a way

always an answer

always support.


ask for directions.

‘which way do i go?’


pay attention to what feels good

not what others think you should do or feel

but what feels good to YOU.


ask for directions.

ask often



and know

and trust!

that the answers will come.

the answers will come.


ask for directions.

ask for directions.



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