as we peel…..

Daily Nugget #209

as we peel…


as we peel layers

we peel layers.

as we shed our winter coatsĀ and long underwear

we shed old beliefs.

whether we like it or not

believe it or not

our life comes up for review

as the seasons shift.


as we peel

we peel.

what an opportunity

what a fab opportunity

to tidy up our inners.

old, self created laws

become crystalized.

a re-visit is in order.


allow the Flow of the Seasons

to naturally peel back


expose the old.

the diggity dank.

the crusty remains of our past.

a review is in order.

a review is necessary!


when we peel layers

we peel layers.

why not Allow them.

why not assist in the Peel

like the after burn affects

on your newly sun touched shoulders.


the satisfaction of peeling your own dead skin


that of another.

<don’t tell me you don’t enjoy it>


peeling ourselves

can be JUST as satisfying.

all of a sudden life looks different

it has a new twinkle.

it’s a bit brighter.


that fresh skin underneath

is like a ripe 20 something

exploring life curiosity




when we peel

we peel.

think about the power in peeling off your clothes


diving in to a cool body of water

on a hot day.


a hot body of water on a cool day!

think about the sheer realness that would happen

if our world leaders

peeled off THEIR clothing


sat soaking in hot mineral pools.


when there is nothing to hide

there is nothing to hide.

peel and peel.


when we peel

we peel.

BE the peeler.

grab a piece


see how far you get.


fresh skin.

fresh beliefs.

fresh us.

oooooh, it feels so good.

oooooh, it feels so good.


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