Are You Settling?

Are You Settling?


for ANYthing LESS than what you actually want?



it’s not ‘so bad’

i’m doing ok

maybe this IS the best option

i’m taken care of

it could be worse


we tend to settle.






personal space.

our bodies.

our mental space.


spiritual connection.


Why Do We Settle?

Why do we think it’s ok to settle?


is NObody modeling a badass fucking life?

FULL of bliss. love. flow. magic. connection. freedom?!


and IF they are modeling it


where are they?

(no, not the fakers)

the ones who are ACTUALLY rockin a FULLY satisfied. fulfilling. passionate. blissed out. amazeballz life.

they ASK for it. OPEN to it. BELIEVE in it. Live It.


When you look IN to the eyes of your life

what do you see?


When you think about ALL places in your life

are you lit up?


Plugged IN?





THIS is the Juice.

the elixir.


when you start by connecting to YOU

alignment happens with more ease.



are you connected?

to you?

to your life?


Do You Feel Connected?


With Everyone and Everything?


take a Look-y.

at your life.

ALL of it.


Be Honest.


Are You Settling?

Are You Ok With What IS?

Do You Feel Connected?

What Are You Willing To Do About It?


Feel. Ask & Listen. Then Feel Again. 








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