are you free?

Daily Nugget #149

are you free?


on this 4th day of the 7th month

how do you feel?

does today represent freedom to you?

are you adorned with red white and blue?


are you celebrating?

thinking ‘thank goodness i don’t have to work!’

a break from the norm

from the mundane.


do you feel free?

are you?

do you have freedom of time? money? love?

do you freely express who you really are

BE who you truly are?


do you simply feel free because you have the day off?

are you ready to go back?

do you want to?


do you use this break to escape


drown yourself in libations?

is a part within you dying?

dying to be free

dying because it is not?


Freedom is a big word.

what does it mean to you?

are you ready to take the steps to find it? have it?

do you even really know what it feels like?


what it feels like to be:

quiet in your mind

peaceful in your emotions

alive in your heart

flexible in your beliefs

open to possibility

living the life of your dreams.


do you want these things?

when you drift to those places

does it scare the shit out of you?

are you comfy where you are?

tho not entirely happy


the thought of change gives rise to anxiety?


use this day

this day of celebrating freedom

to dip IN to your freedom within.

invite your true self to step forward


welcome true freedom in to your life.


explore what it might look like


feel like.

allow yourself to explore real freedom.

know that things are not always as they appear.

be willing to explore further…

be FREE!

which exit will you take?

which exit will you take?

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