are you being honest with yourself?

Daily Nugget #107

are you being honest with yourself?

the more you practice it, the swifter it will come to pass.

the more you practice it, the swifter it will come.


when was the last time you had a good conversation with yourself?

are you asking important questions?

do you care what you think?


let’s take this time to connect in to you


start asking some questions about how things are going?


you might wanna grab a notebook….


start here:

1. am i happy?

geesh. that’s a big question


some of you may be in denial.

but it’s an important question to ask.


2. do i like who i’m with?


if you are single,

do i like being single?

how do you really feel about who you are with

or not with?


3. do you like your work? do you LOVE it!?


whatever it is you do out in the world.

are you seeking something more satisfying?

more creative?


4. do you like where you live?

your home and your community.

does it feel right? does it feel good?


5. do you like yourself? your body? your experience?

would you like to feel better?

ah. the relationship to self.

this is the one that is mirrored back by all other relationships.

pretty intense to swallow, i know.

but worth the time. the commitment and the love.


so many questions

that only YOU can answer.

so many questions that only YOU will know if you are being honest.

so many questions, ones that

when contemplated and acted upon

will change the course of your experience.

so ask them!

ask them often and frequently.

make sure you are offering honest answers.

you know you best.


ask them.

ask lots of questions.


and if you find you are not liking some of the answers

start with you:

speak kindly.


love muchly.


know that the relationship to you and you

is the most important one of your life.


always come back to your breath.

always know that you deserve the life you seek!

always know that you are loved unconditionally

you just have to open to it.


write love notes to you


sticky notes

remember to be honest with yourself

every day


in every situation.


trust in you.

love you.

ask questions.






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