are you asking the ‘right’ questions?

Daily Nugget #97

are you asking the ‘right’ questions??


what kind of questions are YOU asking about your life?

do you ask:

‘why am i not happy?’


‘why can’t i pay my bills?’


‘why can’t i find the partner of my dreams?

or the job of my dreams


what i’m here to do.


why am i not healthy?’

the list goes on, right?!



but the problem with this list

is the way we ask our question.


if you ask:

‘why can’t i this…


why am i not that…..’

you will just get more of the same.

the universe ‘showing’ you why.

if you say:

‘why can i not pay my bills’

the universe will say:

‘ok, let’s show them why they cannot pay bills with more of the not paying bills.’

or you ask:

‘why can i not find my special someone?’

the universe answers:

‘let’s show them more of not finding special someone.’

make sense?

hope so.

cause our questions need to upgrade.


let’s now open ourselves to new questions.

ones like:

‘what does it feel like to pay my bills?’


‘how does it feel to have that special someone in my life?’


‘what is it like to be truly happy?’

see the difference?


then the universe can deliver what you are really seeking.

we just need to become better communicators


choose our words and thoughts wisely.


want help?

i will be hosting a free teleseminar on New Years Day @ 3pm MST


we will learn about being better communicators


learn how to do this from the place within ourselves that can best support the questions.

here is the recording:

let’s start this New Year off with better questions
so we can ALL find the life we seek
it can find us.
ask different questions!

ask different questions!


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