approaching the new….

Daily Nugget #94

approaching the new….


we are


the new

on many levels.


1. we are approaching the new moon: sunday the 21st.

our moon is emptying.

2. we are approaching the Soulstice> sunday the 21st as well. (double whammy)

our year is emptying.

3. we have pushed our resest button. moved thru some crazy stuff. ready for the new.

we are emptying.


on so many levels

we are emptying.

on so many levels

we are approaching the new.



did you hear that, people.

we have made it.

we ARE approaching the new.

enjoy these last few days of draining the old way.

attach a leach

to your old belief system


allow it to cleanse you deeply

erasing your life’s diagram

from the chalkboard of your consciousness.


step thru the threshold

of this newness that is fast approaching

and allow the cloak of your past to drop in the doorway.


don’t be in a hurry to find your new cloak of beliefs

stay naked for a bit!



try things on.

then discard them if they start to limit you.

look for your limitless cloak


maybe a non-cloak.


i want you to be clear and powerful and limitless

in every moment of your experience.

without any baggage

without any beliefs that you are lacking anything

without ANYTHING standing in your way of being all that you are.


so instead of a cloak

wrap yourself in the love that i am sending to you now.

love that is infinite



TOTALLY supportive of YOU on ALL levels.

feel it! receive it! love!!


my fairy self sending you BIG love!

my fairy self sending you BIG love!





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