anything is possible

Daily Nugget #112

anything is possible




anything is possible.

when did we stop believing?!!

who took this away?

we certainly came IN to this life with our

anything-IS-possible muscles fully intact.


now they are all limp and atrophied.


at what point

can YOU remember?

did your Anything is Possible limb get cut off?



maybe it was a long, slow death?

moment by moment

taking the sparkle out of your eyes.

taking the possibility out of your heart.


‘you don’t see that.

what are you talking about.

you have to work hard to get that.

you don’t deserve it.’


somewhere along the way

we stopped believing.


i’m gonna turn down that voice

that frequency

i’m gonna turn it down ALL THE WAY

so that you can start hearing.

hearing once again

feeling and believing


Anything IS Possible.

because it is!!


i’m reaching in to your world


turning it ALL THE WAY DOWN.

and if you like it

then YOU can turn if off forever.

turn off

the doubt!

bring back the Trust! bring back the Magic!!


Anything is Possible, people.

it really is.


it IS possible for you to have the life that you seek!

you deserve it!

it is possible to climb that mountain

to swim that ocean

to be strong


in love

blissed out





Anything is Possible.

let that be your mantra.

whenever your mind starts saying

‘oh, you can’t do that. that’s not possible. what are you THINKING!’

take a tidal wave of Anything-is-Possible and swallow it.


what doubt


could survive under a tidal wave of: Anything is Possible?


let this be your mantra.

no matter who you are or what you seek.



trust in this as you once did.

it is still there.

time to bring it out of dormancy

time to strengthen those muscles.


Anything IS Possible.

yep it is.




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