and then the old me showed up

Daily Nugget #213

and then the old me showed up


i woke up constricted

all balled up in myself.

tight and stiff.



i stressed

my forehead wrinkled

my thoughts distracted

my body unrested.



then i realized

that it was an older version of me

that showed up


decided to take over.



wtf x 1000.

ok i’m done wtf-ing.



i realized how uncomfortable that older version was.

like attempting to fit an old school TV in to a flat screen.

remember me?

remember me?


my body was uncomfortable.

my mind was uncomfortable.

everything pretty much felt bad.

this is how i used to live?

to function?

in that highly constricted

stressed out

not resting for a second


ok. one more wtf.


why did that version of me appear?

it was quite shocking.

why did it attempt to take over?

it was so outdated and didn’t fit right.


i guess maybe to show me something?

to show that i have come so far

that i really have changed


in many ways

so much so

that that older version

is completely incompatible.


maybe it was the final appearance

<i sure hope so>

tho i felt a pang of empathy.


i am SO grateful for my upgrade.

i am SO grateful that i stuck it out

did the work

took action



committed to feeling better.



when i woke

the presence of the ‘old me’

could not be detected.

not even a foot print remained

thank goodness.


my newness remained

my newness responded

my newness smiled

thank goodness.


i am grateful for the newness

the new me

my upgrade.

i wonder how it will feel

if my current version

shows up and attempts to take over

my future version.



oh, the process.

the growth.

the MEness.

so nice when the current ME shows up.














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