and then my life showed up…

Daily Nugget #95

and then my life showed up….


i was walking the other day

as i often do

tho not as often lately…


all of a sudden my life showed up.


maybe i showed up?


it was like i emerged from Hades


from some dream


i woke from a coma.




where the hell have i been?

this seems to happen to me.

am i normal?

i sure hope NOT!


where do i go and what am i doing when i’m gone?

is part of me ‘abducted’?


maybe i’m SO deep within

that i can’t see what’s happening around me.

but i’m still living

doing my thing.

i don’t get it.


where the hell do i go?

is this some sort of evolutionary hangover


side affect?


do others out there experience the same?



so then my life just showed up

as i was walking.

walking in the same hood that i do every day.


i feel like sometimes i want more


like ‘this is all good and stuff, but it’s not exactly what i want.’

wow. am i that UNgrateful?


cause i feel like i DO practice gratitude

but then there are those times

when all of a sudden

my life appears


i’m like: ‘holy moly. this is freaking awesome.

why am i not enjoying THIS moment?

why am i always looking to the next?’


yep. some deep thoughts for a tuesday.

the tuesday of the the week that people are stressed out of their minds

trying to ‘be ready’ for this day that we give stuff.


i used to be a scrooge

but now

i just watch in awe

seeing people frantically rushing about


freaking out when things might not ‘arrive’ on time.




now i just watch


i wonder what the hell is wrong with everyone.

i mean

i feel all calm and stuff

i’m not stressing.

what’s up with all of this distraction?



my conclusion?

when one is deprived of a certain amount of light from the sun

for an extended period of time

(cause most people have to work during the few hours of light this time of year)

this causes mass panic

where people feel they need to buy stuff

when really they just need a good cup of tea


a big dose of sunshine.


it’s like our nervous systems get all bunched up


if you throw in a little cold weather



that’s my scientific word for this unusual behavior

us humans seem to exhibit for a few weeks at the end of december.


good new tho

we get to party like crazy soon for the eve of the new


wash away the Total Person Constriction syndrome

in one fell swoop.

and then

we get our asses in gear


make all kinds of promises for the year to come.



these are only observations.

they are NOT judgements.

the behavior is curious tho

don’t ya think?




this is one possible solution in the sea of zillions

but here goes:

let’s spend$ without obligation.

eat without guilt.

celebrate with those we truly want to be with.

take longer lunch breaks to feel the sun on our faces (even if the rest of us is tightly covered).

be ok with going within even if that means NOT being social.

take good care of and listen deeply to what our bodies are truly craving.

breathe more.

stress less. or heck, not at all!

give from your heart. it’s supposed to feel good.

receive! receive! receive!

yes, i said receive. most of us are shitty at it.

fur realz.

give AND receive.

they are equally juicy and delicious

if you remove all the additives: obligation. guilt.


let’s breathe NOW together

in ONE collective breath.

breathe in and receive.

breathe out and give.


yep. it’s that simple, yo.

my recipe for severe Total Person Constriction disorder.



when you wake up


your life shows up

run and greet it with open arms.

this is what YOU created.


if you don’t likey,

the best way out is thru

enjoying and loving what you’ve got.


happy times, people.

when you emerge from your whatever you wanna call it

smile Big-ly

laugh Loud-ly



for goodness sake.


cause you freaking rock

and I Love YOU.



smiley hug anyone?

smiley hug anyone?







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