and the Wolves protect Us…

i stand high above

looking down on the valley.

my heart swelling as i witness the New.


different tribes live separately

tho peacefully

in their own section of space.


smoke from the life-fires

at each heart space

in all directions

rise up.


peace is the loudest sound for miles.

tho there are other sounds…..


i hear a wolf howl

then another



as they gather the leaders from all tribes.


they meet in the south

up against the mountain.


i watch as human & wolf

lean in to touch forehead to forehead

to transfer the information

in the new way

the new way…..


in this version of the New,

we speak TO and WITH

the animals we share land with.


we understand each other

we respect each other

we work together

to live in peace.


and the wolves protect us….


the only hierarchy is that of the heart.

wise beings

no matter the species

lead with grace


a common good.


ALL benefit from this powerful relationship.


and the wolves protect us….


in each direction lives a pack of wolves.

they patrol the boundaries

maintain the balance


make sure that the energy of peace



in love

in partnership

we live

we hunt

we celebrate



no colors separate us

no form defines us

the boundaries only exist

to keep the peace.


everyone has a place

a purpose

a deep joy of FULLY belonging

ALL parts make the Whole.


in the New

the earth cares for us & we care for her.

the circles are respected-

offer. receive. offer. receive.

there is a gentleness

a knowing

that comes from deep listening

-a practice that is alive thru out the land-


as i stand

from my place of perspective

seeing the New


the integration




between ALL species


i know we have finally made it THRU

the eye of the needle

to the other side of NOwhere

where true ALIVEness exists.


it is NOW.


The New







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