and the light returns

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #23

and the light returns


where have you been?

it’s dark

it’s cold

i feel alone

in this new land.


melted snow drips from my roof.

is this winter’s grand entrance?

thank goddess.


chickadee’s flit to and fro.

their song makes me happy.

was Jesus really born this time of year?

at the peak of darkness

light emerges.


there’s always a crack

that’s how the light gets in

(right Leonard?)


the cracked window in my stuffy bedroom

the crack of my neck as i stretch

the crack in my consciousness

allowing new perspectives to flood in.

the crack in my heart

allowing it to grow bigger.


this day

this holy day

many rejoice in the return of the light.

what’s next for me

for us

for all that is?

will we survive the coming storms?


will we see the cracks as opportunities


see them as broken.


and the light returns

just in time

for the darkness almost swallowed me.


i spent the morning fretting

about how and where i would celebrate

this holy day.

return of the light.

and i forgot

to BE.


i ‘should’ be DOing this or that.

i ‘should’ be here or there.

when all along

i was jumping over the moment


with the plans

or lack thereof

i had chosen.


the return of the light.

maybe i could BE the crack

so the light can pour in everywhere.

could i withstand the truth of the truth?

would my old self fight for the old

while my new self stares in DISbelief?


and who IS my new self?

the self with all of the cracks of opportunity.

is it possible to even fathom?



even my new self is familiar

as if we have known each other all along

because we have.

our personal timeline is always accessible

if we are willing to listen.


how else do you think we have the strength

to keep going?

because a version of ourself has already been thru it

encouraging us to move forward.


and the light returns.


this day

is beautiful

thank goddess.

i needed to let the sun IN to my eyes

my mouth

my whole BEing.


oh, how many times

the sun has warmed me

supported me

grown me.

my gratitude is palpable.


and the light returns.

point ALL of your cracks toward the sun


allow light to enter


invite IN the newest YOU.


Happy Return of the Light!



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